Grand Piano





Each student will receive 35 private lessons per year

  • 28 scheduled September – April
  •   8 scheduled May – August

  •   4 Theory classes scheduled September -April

One lesson may be cancelled without make up by the teacher during the academic year. If there are no lessons cancelled during that time, 7 lessons will be scheduled for the summer instead of 8. Summer lessons are required and must be scheduled by May 1st, 2021.


Theory classes are held on scheduled Mondays at 6pm throughout the academic year. The complete schedule for each class is set at the beginning of the fall semester. Each class meets for one hour, except Beginners which meets for 30 minutes.

  • Beginners – for young children who are not yet reading music. 

  • Theory I – Typically ages 6-8, these students are just beginning note reading.

  • Theory II – Typically ages 6-10 these students are beginning note readers.

  • Theory III – Typically ages 8-14, these students are note readers. 

  • Theory IV- Typically ages 12-16, these students are note readers.

Theory classes are for the students to come together and perform for each other, as well as learn about music appreciation, history, theory, and increase note reading skills. Parents attend class with Beginners, but do not attend with the student in the other levels. Students will be informed of which class they are in at the beginning of the academic year.


Make-ups and No-lesson days:
Make-ups will not be given for missed lessons or classes for any reason. Parents may trade lesson times with another student if they know they are going to be gone. No-lesson days are factored into the calendar and are not made up.


30 minute lessons $680/Sept-April ($85/month) + $170 summer

45 minute lessons $960/Sept- April ($120/month) + $255 summer

60 minute lessons $1240/Sept- April  ($155/month) + $340 summer

Payment can be made by cash or check made out to Brigette Weisenburger. For those with Dacotah Bank accounts, P2P is an acceptable payment method, as is Zelle. Taxes are included. Unless communicated, billing will default to the monthly option.


New parents are required to read Nurtured by Love by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, or other material the teacher recommends. Parents with children younger than 8 are required to attend lessons, but are always encouraged to attend when possible.
Parents are responsible for:
• Being attentive and taking notes at lessons
• Practicing with the student
• Playing the recordings at home